When What You Can't See Will Definitely Hurt You: Auto Wreckage Only A Repair Service Can Find

Posted on: 21 October 2018

When you get into a minor car accident, you may think that all you see is cosmetic damage. You may be right, but do you really want to take that chance? What if there is more damage behind that cracked or dented panel than you know or realized? A lot of times, car accidents produce more damage than most non-mechanics can see. If you take your vehicle into an auto body repair service to have it repaired, be aware that the mechanic or technician may find the following unseen issues, too.

Gas Tank Damage

If the other driver hit the rear side panel of your vehicle where your gas tank is, you can thank your lucky stars that your car did not explode. On the other hand, it may have damaged the gas tank just enough to produce a leak, which you may not notice until an entire tank of gas slowly leaks out as you roll down the road. When the technician/mechanic looks at the panel damage, he/she may find the gas tank damage as well. Make sure a full estimate with itemized repairs is created so that you can sue for the damages to your vehicle or get your insurance to pay for the gas tank replacement.

Axle Damage

Cars that are in an accident frequently suffer damage to wheels and axles. If there is no visible damage to the wheels, there may still be damage to the axles. Without getting underneath the car and knowing what to look for, you will not spot it. Your steering wheel may be a little tough to turn, or your wheels are not perfectly straight going forward in a line. Those are both good indicators that your car suffered some axle damage in the accident. This needs to be repaired right away, or the car may end up in another accident when the axle busts in half or the wheels do not go the direction you wanted or expected them to.

Radiator Damage

In most cars, the front grill sits right ahead of the radiator. A front-end fender bender that damages the grill can also mean damage to the radiator. Your radiator is necessary for keeping your engine cool, and when the radiator is damaged, it leaks antifreeze/coolant. Leaking this prime chemical means that your engine will constantly overheat in summer and freeze up in winter, making it impossible to cool and heat the car's engine to a functional level. If your grill is damaged, and that is where your radiator is located, be sure to have the mechanic/technician check the radiator as well.

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